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David S. Wachtel, Ph. D.
Clinical and Forensic Psychology
Individual, Couples and Family Psychotherapy
Child Custody Evaluations/Parental Alienation
General and Family Mediation/Collaborative Law
The Center for Compulsive and Addictive Behavior

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.  I'm Dr. David Wachtel and am a Licensed Psychologist in Texas. I have been in private practice providing psychotherapy treatment, clinical consultations, and assessment services since 1981, and have worked as a Forensic Psychologist since 1989.

Unlike many other Houston Psychologists and mental health professionals, I have several areas of specialization. These are described in greater detail in other sections of my website.

My Clinical Psychology practice involves psychoanalytic (also called psychodynamic) psychotherapy treatment with individuals, couples and families. I have treated a broad range of emotional, relationship, educational/job-based problems, and psychological difficulties associated with medical conditions (such as ADHD, learning disabilities, lupus, lymphodema and cancer). I also provide clinical consultations and personality evaluations. Visit my Clinical Services page to learn more about the approach of my psychotherapy treatment as well as my clinical consultation and evaluation services.

My Forensic Psychology practice involves extensive experience in consultation and evaluation in a broad range of civil and criminal cases. These include: Child Custody Evaluations (CCEs); Treatment of High Conflict Divorce Families; Evaluation/Treatment of Parental Alienation; Evaluation of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)--particularly in Veterans; Sexual Abuse Allegations; Sexual Harassment/Discrimination; Adoption  and Placement Suitability; DWI/DUI Sentencing; Parole/Probation Recommendations; Immigration/Asylum; Disability Determinations; and Consulting Expert Witness Testimony.  Please visit my Forensic Psychologist Services page to learn more.  Please visit my Forensic Psychologist Services page to learn more.

I am also a Certified Mediator and Family Mediator, and a Collaborative Law Neutral Mental Health Professional.

I also direct The Center for Compulsive and Addictive Behavior. We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and dependence, sexual and pornography addiction, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). You can learn more about The Center on my Addictions page.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers College and my Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The University of Georgia. I completed a pre-doctoral internship at Baylor College of Medicine here in Houston, and a 2-year NIMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis.  

If you are seeking the help of Houston psychologists please contact me to make an appointment.

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